Momo Quick Release has passed thoses serious tests to garantie the superb quality

The Momo Steering Wheels reached to Hyundai even provides convenient trunk with a false bottom that provides additional and above all a completely flat floor when the seats folded. As usual, the designers of the brand remained cautious on the aesthetic changes, history will not stop a well-oiled business machine. In France, the Polo is the top sales for Volkswagen. Therefore only the shield, optical and grille undergo some changes. The differences between the old and the new is almost imperceptible. This momo leather steering wheel is reflected in the interior which is content to change the wheel, counters and offer a multimedia system, the high-end versions. It remains very neutral behavior and especially reassuring. Camped well on his feet it takes little roll and showing reassuring in all situations. The direction, slightly revised to more vivacity, is a bit more direct effect. The road feedback is good, the audience well weighted, neither too much nor too little. The quality of plastics is uneven but the whole is well assembled and seat cushions – which could be called comfortable – deserves additional terrain to win a semblance of lateral support. Equipment that almost alone justifies the purchase of the car.

It should be noted however that the headliner is sliding, allowing to return to a conventional configuration much more pleasant when the sun hits. Everything is new or almost. We first noticed a 7-inch multimedia screen on the center console, it still suffers from too low position. There is Momo Quick Release also the new instrumentation combines analogue and digital. Nothing revolutionary in itself, but the overall presentation is pleasant. However, the most striking is undoubtedly the leap achieved in terms of quality of momo steering wheel quick release with for example foamed plastic on top of the dashboard and doors against. We can only welcome the effort made by the manufacturer that lagged behind in this domain.

The rear cabin space remains as attractive while load volume. It’s good but not exceptional and Polo boast a capacity of 280 liters. In short, it is clear from all this some driving fun, even though we would have appreciated a less mechanical noise in the acceleration phases. Some weaknesses are highlighted: the trunk volume is in the lower middle of the class, the driving position is cluttered with too many buttons (it is far from the apparent simplicity of a 308), and the Momo Knob. But it is precisely on these points that self appears like very dated compared to its direct competitors.The discreet engine shutdown system to properly shutdown the brand) and transmissions is also nice outfit. Real consumption also seems to me perfectly?

At least in town, where we recorded in heavy traffic in the center of Barcelona. Note however that the greenest version is not necessarily the one that is believed, since only the latter meets the momo shift knob standards Moving. All equipment that can be considered as basic to this level range, and without which the car will be difficult to sell in occasion. The excellent ergonomics of the driving position combined with excellent peripheral vision, puts you immediately at ease? The materials used in the interior are of good quality, despite some hard plastics not necessarily flattering in the lower part of the dashboard.